Food is an important part of the Bring it on Brum! programme and to help you create a nutritious and delicious menu we’ve included some great tools below.

Food and Nutrition Guide

The Food and Nutrition Guide includes helpful guidance on creating a fantastic food offer, including advice on training for your team and great tips to get kids eating healthy meals as part of your Bring it on Brum! programme.

Menu Template

Use our handy menu template to plan out your meals for your sessions.

Guide to Packed Lunches

Want to get the best out of your packed lunches?  Use this fantastic guide to help plan ahead and try out some of the tasty replacements for kid’s familiar favourites.

Breakfast Guidance

Guidance for your additional breakfast provision, what to buy and what to avoid.

Hakuna Fruitata

Take a look at our Hakuna Fruitata resource for fun ways to include food education to your programme.

Get Set to Eat Fresh – HAF Facilitator Guide

Primary and Secondary Get Set to Eat Fresh resources specially selected for Holiday Activity and Food Programme facilitators.

Healthy Pot Noodle

Follow this guide to create healthy pot noodles for children to add their own vegetables and take home to eat later.

Hot Cross Bunnies Recipe card

Make hot cross bunnies during Easter HAF with this easy to follow, easy to replicate recipe

Outdoor Cooking Bread on a Stick

A very basic, easy to follow recipe with minimal ingredients to cook around a fire

Outdoor Cooking Recipe ideas

A variety of additional recipes in outdoor cooking sessions

Pizza Burritos Recipe Sheet

An alternative option to a sandwich for children and young people to add different fillings and toppings as they wish

Safe Knife Skills Demo

An outline of the key teaching and learning points when supporting young children on how to use a knife safely

Full of Beans

This contains all the resources you need to be able to develop and provide activities with children to support the Full of Beans campaign, championed by Birmingham City Council Public Health Team. Resources include a growing guide (to plant seeds to harvest) a cooking guide and a taste testing guide (for new beans and pulses to touch, taste and try)