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Training No Shows – if you book free training as part of the Bring it on Brum! programme and do not turn up, the cost of your place on the course will be deducted from your grant value. If you need to cancel your place on a course, you must do so 24 hours before the course starts.

Level 3 Emergency First Aid at Work
All learners will have the skills and knowledge to provide the organisation with Emergency First Aider’s that can provide treatment to their casualties in a prompt, safe and effective manner. Maximum of 2 places per organisation and each person needs to sign up using their own email address.

Friday 1st December 2023, 9-5pm
CoreFit Red Rose Shopping Centre, 35 Lower Parade, Sutton Coldfield B72 1XX

Access Sport Disability Inclusion Training
This interactive workshop delivered by Access Sports consists of disability awareness and theory, followed by practical applications, with tips and ideas to delivering fun and inclusive activities. Included in the training is:

  • Current disability sports landscape
  • The need
  • Medical vs Social Model of Disability
  • Different Impairment Groups
  • The Inclusion Spectrum
  • STEP, and your inclusive activities

New dates coming soon.

Youth Mental Health First Aid
This introductory three-hour session raises awareness of young people’s mental health.

New dates coming soon.

Keeping Young People Safe through Effective Safeguarding
This 3 hour workshop promotes a whole organisation approach to safeguarding and is suitable for project managers, coaches, leaders and volunteers working in community sports environments with regular responsibility for young people. On completion, learners will have a better understanding of how to deliver community sport and youth activities with a chid welfare and safety centred approach. Learners will develop their knowledge and understanding of the importance of early intervention and identifying, responding and reporting concerns.

Tuesday 5th December, 5pm-8pm (Online)

Adverse Childhood Experiences
StreetGames in collaboration with Manchester City Council’s Health and Care Commissioning Team have tailored an Adverse Childhood Experiences and Trauma Informed Practice workshop for sport, looking how widening our understanding of four key areas that can support young people achieving more positive outcomes using the power of sport. The workshop explores Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), the short and longer term impact on Young People’s health. The stress response and impact ACEs have on the body. Our role in using sport to build resilience and starting to think about how to build a trauma informed approach in sport.

Based on the latest research of health and wellbeing, this workshop will give learners a foundation of what is going on in a young person body, the short and longer term impact this has on the behaviour and how we can make small changes by being trauma informed to achieve better life outcomes for young people.

Tuesday December 12th 6pm-9pm (online)

Risk Assessments for Youth Programmes
This course brings risk assessments to life, highlighting why they are so much more important than the ‘tick-box exercise’ they sometimes have a reputation for being. You’ll take away specific examples of good practice you can implement straight into your planning, as this course has been written especially for organisations delivering holiday programmes.

Delivered by StreetGames’ risk management partners, Pharos Response; the crisis management experts, who know only too well what happens when risks aren’t managed effectively. Designed for youth workers and/or managers who are responsible for either writing risk assessments or approving those written by colleagues or perhaps external providers you work with. Delivered in a highly engaging manner, with interactive exercises and scenario-based activities specific to holiday programmes.

Attendees will gain confidence in writing risk assessments, learn how to avoid common mistakes and know what to look for in the risk assessments of other organisations. The ultimate aim is of course to make programmes safer and support the objectives and outcomes of the programme, but also to better protect the organisation if something does go wrong. Delegates will receive a certificate of attendance.

Wednesday 29th November 2023, 11am-2:30pm
Online course

Let’s Talk About Food
We are excited to invite you and members of your staff team along to this in-person interactive, informative and practical session to support your provision around food and nutrition during the upcoming Winter HAF provision. The content and information are based on up-to-date research from colleagues at Loughborough University around feeding practices, and provide fundamental guidance to support the development of children’s approach to food. Following previous feedback, there will also be a number of practical workshops for you and your colleagues to choose from to increase your confidence providing food-based workshop as part of your holiday club.

By attending this session you will be invited to be part of the Hakuna Fruitata project (subject to receiving a HAF funding agreement) with lots of additional resources also available for you to access.

Please do bring along your own refreshments. Please note that non-attendance will result in a charge to your organisation as per our terms and conditions.

New dates coming soon.

Exploitation Awareness Workshop
This powerful and thought-provoking training gives participants an insight into the real experiences of those affected by child exploitation, helping participants to spot signs of grooming and understand how they can help to protect and support children and young people. Our experienced and skilled trainer who works alongside the West Midlands Violence Reduction Partnership will share their knowledge of the issues whilst providing a fresh way for professionals to empathise with those affected by child exploitation and importantly learn skills and knowledge that will help them in their roles.

New dates coming soon.

Autism Awareness Training
Delivered by trainers from Resources for Autism. Learners will understand what autism is about and how it can impact daily life, gain increased confidence in work, communicating and interacting with autistic people, have perceptions of autism challenged and learn how ti implement autism specific strategies in to daily practice.

New dates coming soon.

Maximising 5 Ways to Wellbeing
This live 1.5-hour webinar is a great opportunity for you to spend a bit of time thinking about your wellbeing and the wellbeing of young people you work with during these very challenging times. The session will be based on the 5-ways to wellbeing and how we can make small changes in our lifestyles to look after ourselves and each other. Come prepared to get involved in some fun, lighthearted activities that may be useful to use try out with other colleagues, youth groups and partners you are working with.

This live 1.5-hour webinar is a great opportunity for you to spend a bit of time thinking about your wellbeing and the wellbeing of young people you work with during these very challenging times. The session will be based on the 5-ways to wellbeing and how we can make small changes in our lifestyles to look after ourselves and each other. Come prepared to get involved in some fun, light-hearted activities that may be useful to use try out with other colleagues, youth groups and partners you are working with.

New dates coming soon.

Inclusion Activator
During this 3 hour interactive workshop learners will learn the skills needed to make sessions more accessible for all, this will cover: adaptable activities that can be made more appropriate to the audience (for example how to make an activity easier/harder), how to set up different activities to cater for a variety of needs within the same group and discussions on language and accessibility.

New dates coming Soon.

Developing Resiliently Active Young People
The workshop will outline the role of resilience in encouraging lifelong participation in sport and physical activity. The workshop will provide insight into the theory of resilience and how coaches / session leaders can play a role in developing it within the young people they work with. Building resilience can help to increase retention in Doorstep Sport sessions and also support young people to transition into new activities and new settings

New dates coming soon.

StreetGames Sustainability Training – Starting your Fundraising Journey
This webinar is aimed at those who are brand new to fundraising (it’s a snapshot of the Race for Investment). It takes you through a typical funding application and general top tips for writing one. If you are brand new to fundraising, or have not been successful with funding applications this is the course for you.

New dates coming soon.

Engaging Women and Girls
This interactive workshop equips participants with practical ideas on how to best engage women and girls in doorstep sport projects, sharing the latest insight from our Us Girls programme. The workshop explains the sporting needs of young women and girls, and defines the techniques for delivering successful sports programmes for young women. The workshop covers what works to both engage and retain female participants and includes case studies from projects that are successfully engaging females.

New dates coming soon.

Level 2 Food Hygiene
This Level 2 course is for anyone who works where food is cooked, prepared or handled.

Online course, completed in your own time.

Your code to access this training will take a couple of days to become live after booking, email fiona.miley@streetgames.org with the full name of the person wanting to undertake the course and which organisation you are from. This will be limited to a maximum of 3 people per organisation.

Food Allergy and Intolerance Training
This interactive training has been developed by the Food Standards Agency (FSA). It is for food industry organisations and businesses, consumers and others who would like to learn more about food allergies and how to handle allergens safely.
Food Standards Agency food allergy online training

GDPR and Data Protection Training
This GDPR training Course helps organisations that handle personal data how to comply with EU and UK General Data Protection Regulation. Only 1 code per organisation is available.