Coordinate Sport

Coordinate Sport is the name of the online application we use for taking preregistrations, taking bookings and programme monitoring. It is compulsory for all organisation to use Coordinate Sport for programme monitoring and we would encourage as many organisations as possible to use it to take bookings too.

Organisations that used Coordinate Sport to take bookings for their summer and winter programmes reported being fully booked very quickly. Using the system in this way also means all essential data is collected for each participant and it saves a lot of time completing the programme monitoring. You can also use Coordinate Sport to register children on the day. If you are worried about families having access to book online, you can advertise your contact number and/or email address and they can contact you for help.

We will provide all of the information and training you need to use the Coordinate Sport online application. You can also access the Coordinate Sport Training Academy where you will find guidance and videos showing you the functions.

Data Capture Information

The Bring it on Brum! Data Capture Information document outlines the information you need to know about data capture requirements for Bring it on Brum! Is it essential to read this before you start to take bookings for your programme so you know what information to collect from your participants.

Template Registration Form

Use the Bring it on Brum! Template Participant Registration Form to collect all of the required participant information. You can add your own logos and additional questions and information as needed. You can also put the registration information into an online collection tool such as Microsoft Forms, Google Forms or Survey Monkey if you prefer to collect information in this way.

Coordinate Sport Upload Template

If you are not using Coordinate Sport to take bookings use the Bring it on Brum! Coordinate Sport Upload Template to collate all of your participant information. This document is set up and ready for upload to the Coordinate Sport monitoring system. You must use the dropdown lists for the child’s school, gender and ethnicity to ensure the information is uploaded correctly.