The Daily Mile for Holiday Clubs

The aim of The Daily Mile is to improve the physical, social, emotional and mental health and wellbeing of our children – regardless of age, ability or personal circumstances. Children run, wheel, jog and walk outdoors for 15 minutes a day at their own pace while staff engage with and encourage them. It’s non-competitive, social and fun.

  • The Daily Mile is simple to organise, the children enjoy it, and it improves the physical and mental health of children and staff, it does not require any training, equipment, or investment, and will achieve 15 minutes of the DfE’s requirement for each holiday club to deliver 60 minutes of moderate to vagarious physical activity each day, 2 million children already take part in schools across England, so implementing The Daily Mile in your holiday club setting will ensure continuous participation throughout the holidays.

How to set-up The Daily Mile in your holiday club

  • Identify a route in a safe outdoor area.
  • Choose a good surface where the children can run or wheel. No need for a track. Risk assess your route to check for trip hazards, changes of level, pinch points or obstacles.  The laps should be quite short so the children end up running typically between 5 and 10 laps.
  • Download The Daily Mile full set-up guide here.

Delivering CMO Physical Activity Guidelines in your Holiday Activity Programme

A recorded online webinar covering what the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) guidelines for physical activity are and how to deliver them in your holiday activity programme.
Watch the recorded webinar here

UK Chief Medical Officers’ Physical Activity Guidelines

The CMO Physical Activity Guidelines 2012 Young People outlines the guidelines for Children and Young people aged 5-18 years.

Playwork Principles by Birmingham Play Care Network

This recorded online webinar is a great introduction to the Playwork principles led by experts from Birmingham Play Care Network. It gives the participants the opportunity to discover the uniqueness of play and play work as a profession. As Playworkers the participants play a key role in the lives of the young people and children they work alongside.
Watch the recorded webinar here

Risk assessments, Risk-Benefit and Play

This recorded webinar delivered by Birmingham Play Care Network will enable Playworkers to recognise risk-benefit and how to use risk assessments to develop children’s play opportunities. The session will allow Playworkers to recognise the link between play observations, risk assessments and the play environment and explore the resources available to support risk-benefit assessments.

Delivering during Ramadan

This Sporting Equals Ramadan Factsheet gives information on Ramadan, fasting requirements and top tips for delivering during the month of Ramadan. Take time to consider how you will deliver physical activity and food provision during your holiday clubs and how this may affect your young people as well as staff and volunteers.

Sunguarding with Melanoma Fund UK

Melanoma Fund in partnership with StreetGames has developed specific tips and advice for protecting young people from sun exposure whilst taking part in sport clubs.