During the spring holidays, The Royal Navy visited Sport 4 Life at Hodge Hill College for a day of enrichment and activities led by armed forces members.

The two-hour session included three organised tasks; each task is designed to encourage the young people aged between 11-16 to work as a team, problem solve and communicate in order to be successful.

“The visit from the Navy during one of our half-term camps was a highly beneficial activity for our young people. Many of our participants had limited awareness of the work the Navy does, and this visit helped to increase their understanding and reliability. Additionally, it provided the young people with insight into potential career paths they could follow, as one of the participants shared his pride in his brother’s work in the Navy. The activities organised by the Navy were also highly beneficial, promoting teamwork and collaboration between groups. We are grateful for the opportunity to have had this visit and are confident that it had a positive impact on our young people” Zachariah Okusi, Sports Coordinator, Sport 4 Life UK

“The Royal Navy Attract Team is proud to work across local communities to provide opportunities for young people to develop their key life skills, such as teamwork, leadership, problem solving, communication and resilience. 

Lead by Petty Officer Edmund Grandison, the Royal Navy’s Attract Team is delighted to work with Sport4Life, an organisation that is committed to giving young people the opportunity to create a better future for themselves. Working with Sports4Life for the last 2 years, the Royal Navy team has delivered fun practical activities to hundreds of young people, which are aimed at promoting teamwork and developing leadership skills.

As Petty Officer Grandison states, ‘It’s great to work in partnership with Sports4Life, we share the same values and are passionate about supporting our young people. It’s great to see the young people getting involved in our activities, working together to solve challenges and having fun.  As future leaders and change-makers, the skills we are nurturing in them, will hopefully shape their future success.’ 

The Royal Navy’s collaboration with Sport4life has been a source of immense pride and joy and the Team are looking forward to supporting their programme this summer.” Lieutenant Commander Suzanne Lynch, Royal Naval Reserve