In partnership with The Active Wellbeing Society (TAWS) Bring it on Brum! offered a number of Ready Steady Cook opportunities for young people to attend with their parents/carers.

The session is a practical and interactive workshop where families work together to prepare and cook a meal. All ingredients are provided and participants are guided step by step by friendly professional cooks to make a 2-course meal. Children are given the chance to chop, cut, grate and peel vegetables in a safe environment, whilst learning new recipes to replicate at home. The meals produced are low cost and low energy, and once cooked all participants attending sit down together to eat as a whole group. Leftovers are then packaged up to be taken home.

The aim of the workshop is to enable families to take part in an interactive cooking session together. Previous cooking experience isn’t required, however, all children must have an adult in attendance.

Feedback from the workshops has been very positive from both adults and children. These sessions always book up very quickly and are a popular addition to the HAF calendar. Parents often comment they didn’t realise their child was so adept at chopping and cutting, and state they will involve them in more preparation and cooking at home as a result of the sessions.