Approximately 2000 children were able to benefit from bakery donations from Warburtons during Summer 2023 delivery as part of the Hakuna Fruitata project.

A variety of 50/50 bread, crumpets and pitta breads was provided to organisations to complement both their food provision, and experience of trying different foods and meals over the summer. Children were also provided with toast if they arrived to Summer sessions having not eaten breakfast.

Providers encouraged children to try products they hadn’t previously tasted – over 50% of children had not had a crumpet before. Children made pitta pizza pockets using additional produce items supplied via Hakuna Fruitata such as tomatoes, sugar snap peas and baby sweetcorn.

‘The bakery products allowed us to show children what they can make at home’ and ‘We made pitta pizzas, pitta pockets and garlic bread – children had never done that before’ Holiday Club Leaders