The Hakuna Fruitata project helped to develop children’s interest in fruit and vegetables at 12 locations across Birmingham.

Children were encouraged to try new fruits and vegetables through a blind taste test- bush tucker style! Bring it on Brum donated cooking equipment such as bowls, knives, cutting mats and aprons. Participants were encouraged to touch, smell, prepare the different fruits and vegetables to really increase their understanding of not just nutrition but also flavour, texture and scent.

By separating the attendees into smaller groups the children grew in confidence, describing their experience to each other throughout the ‘taste test’. Their new knowledge was then put in to practise as they all got hands-on preparing their lunch.

The fruit and vegetables used were donated by Fareshare using surplus stock that would have otherwise gone to landfill, opening up the opportunity to also discuss the importance of managing food waste.

“The children were really supportive and encouraging of each other throughout the bush tucker trial- it was great to see!” Pam Noel, Bring It On Brum

¬†“The ‘Lets talk about Food’ training session emphasised that there is no need to overthink food based activities with the children. It really can be simple and straightforward. Its just giving children the opportunities to try different things” Sam, Organiser¬†