As part of Hakuna Fruitata, children at SOS education got involved in making soup using fresh vegetables and herbs supplied by Bring it on Brum as part of the Hakuna Fruitata project.

Children helped to cut the vegetables, as well as discussing what ingredients and fresh herbs to include before putting it all into the pot to make a delicious soup for lunch!

Hakuna Fruitata is a project designed to provide practical, interactive and fun workshops for young people to enjoy in a ‘no worries’, ‘no pressure’ environment.

Our young people are extremely grateful for all the food-based opportunities provided. We have been able to share a wide variety of food and cooking-based practical, interactive and fun activities through the HAF programme over Easter holidays. We also complemented the healthy eating and healthy lifestyle messages with a number of Art-based opportunities to allow additional opportunities to have healthy conversations about food with young people and explore their understanding and curiosities around food and following a healthy lifestyle.