RMF Construction Training Facility in Wythall provide training and examinations to professionals within the construction industry. RMF understand the importance of providing support to help individuals overcome the barriers faced when entering the workforce and improving social capital and community cohesion.

Young people from across Birmingham visited the Training Facility to experience a day in the world of construction. Each participant was kitted in the required PPE and got to not only see real life construction courses in action but also received practical advice and were given the chance to be hands-on, driving diggers, dumpers and rollers around the site.

Trusting the young people with the responsibility to handle the machinery solo, gave a confidence boost and was an experience all will take to the next steps in their career, in or out of the world of construction. Attendees who were interested in exploring further education were given the details to relevant courses at Solihull College, helping them take the first steps to becoming a construction professional.