The programme starts with a practical, hands-on on healthy eating training day. Young people will cook a meal together in a professional kitchen and discuss healthy eating messaging alongside food hygiene and food safety.

Across the following 5 days, in small groups, young people will help in the kitchen cooking healthy meals, planning and preparing menus and organising the cafe takeover event.

The takeover day will involve all young people preparing the food to sell to the general public, alongside providing food for free for those in need.

This is an awesome cooking and cafe experience designed following feedback from young people that they wanted more opportunities to be hands-on in cooking, designing and preparing meals. Targeted at older teenagers as an introduction into the catering industry alongside the experience.

Through attendance at the project young people have

  • developed practical cooking skills in the kitchen
  • learnt about using leftover ingredients or surplus donated food and how to make it into a meal
  • menu planning skills
  • basic food hygiene within a commercial kitchen
  • being a barista and using the coffee-making machine
  • being a part of an event to feed the local community within the cafe takeover day

Following involvement in this project, some young people have been taken on as staff within the kitchen catering for events, weddings and other occasions.