Projects across Yardley and Hodgehill created numerous high quality opportunities for children and young people from deprived communities.

Street Games Area Leads worked together to plan a range of networking meetings across each location to bring together HAF providers to share good practice , learn each others strengths and weaknesses , to plan improvements going forward, and to see if there were ways they could work together.

In Hodgehill and Yardley there were 50 HAF projects providing opportunities for over 1500 unique children. Through a combination of online and face to face workshops over 20 of these groups came together to share their good practice and learn from each other.

The main focus being to fine new funding opportunities to make sure that all young people regardless of vulnerability should be able to access provision. Streetgames supported through regular funding bulletins and providers shared opportunities. They were also keen on capitalising on Commonwealth Games and doing some kind of linked sports days. The group linked together through email networking and Oasis Hobmoor secured £10,000 through Celebrating Communities fund on behalf of the network.

Local Councillors and community organisations decided on 3 greenspaces that combined a mix of high footfall and also areas that were under represented. The group then met to plan the sports days and all agreed to provide support in terms of coaches and staff, local knowledge and advertising, coordination, administration and planning.

The end result was three sports days at Oaklands Park, Curtis Gardens and Gilberstone Recreation Ground. See Video

“Its great to see the parks being used. The kids had a great time, and it gets them off their screens. They just sit about playing games all day. The lunch was good too. -Parent

“At Curtis Gardens, a local resident from the block of flats came out to see what was happening and then explained that it was the first time in ages that they felt safe enough to come outside and enjoy the fresh air and company. We looked over and 3-4 of them were sat outside enjoying the atmosphere.” – Organaiser