BID Services is on a mission to break down barriers and empower those who are Deaf, hard of hearing, sight impaired, deafblind, or have other disabilities to live full, exciting lives.

This winter, BID Services brought fun to 41 young people through the “Bring it on Brum!” programme. Over three action-packed days, an average of 15 young adventurers per day enjoyed a whirlwind of activities designed to keep them engaged during the holidays. They whipped up delicious treats like fruit kebabs and pizzas, scaled indoor rock climbing walls, boxed, swam, and so much more!

An in-house interpreter was there every step of the way, ensuring everyone could fully participate and have a blast.

A standout moment was their trip to Ladywood Leisure Centre. “None of them had been swimming there before, so it was a real treat,” said Richard Clatworthy, BID Group Leader. In a safe and supportive environment, the young people independently used the facilities, changing on their own and then heading to the pool where they enjoyed a dedicated lane and fun games. “To be honest, counting them in and out again was my biggest concern given the new surroundings,” Richard admitted, “but I needn’t have worried. They stuck together and had a great time. You should see their feedback—they loved it!”

Amelia, aged 8, shared her excitement: “I did swimming lessons at school but this was with armbands and a teacher, so I was not that confident. Going swimming for fun was enjoyable, and I feel more confident. I would like to go swimming again.”

Jorja Le Gallienne, BID Projects Manager, celebrated the programme’s success: “The winter HAF programme has been a great success, and the young people tell us they want more. We look forward to doing even more in the Spring, Summer, and Winter of 2024 and appreciate benefiting from the continued support and training relating to food and nutrition, sport, and enrichment activities that enable us to keep building our offer to so many young people and families across the city.”